Size: 40.64 cm X 60.96 cm
Many cemeteries of Queens are something of mirrored cities to New York City. Across the East River, all kinds of gravestones and tombs erected on the hill like the miniaturized landscape of Manhattan skyscrapers. Compared to sleepless metropolis, this miniature city seems to fall into sleep forever. Such still is only occasionally interrupted by noise from surrounding freeways and several flying birds. While I pass between gravestones and look the skyscrapers of Manhattan emerging from the horizon, these familiar buildings’ shapes suddenly become strange to me. Sometimes, these gravestones before my eyes are mixed with buildings in the far. It’s hard to tell whether it is the top of gravestones or the top of skyscrapers.  All urbanites finally will make their last one-way trip from a familiar city to another unfamiliar one. These two cities in front of me are situated in two different kinds of time and space, and they are divided by the boundary between life and death. However, they share some surprisingly similarity and uniformity to some extent.
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