In this work, like a houseplant, surveillance cameras were grown into a Pot; empowered with consciousness and having a capable of connecting to the unknown realm, the houseplant unknowingly goes beyond its property as no harmful plants. I want people think through this work from both physical way and conceptual way.  Inevitably, such questions need to be asked: Does technologies have some unpredictable dangers hidden behind them while providing conveniences to our life? With “sky net” consciously or unconsciously permeating every corner of the city, how will this affect our lives for the moment and in the future?

在这件作品中,我把监控器像植物那样种植成盆栽,使这盆植物以一种具有感知,并且与未知领域相连接的生命状态存在,悄然地打破了植物安全的属性。我通过作品意图设置两个思考方向。第一个方向是植物和监控摄像头之间的相似性(形态,在环境中所处的位置,以及都易被人从环境中忽略)。第二个方向则试图探究两种类似事物合并之后引发对环境与隐私方面的思考。 在科技给生活带来便捷的同时,是否隐藏着不可预知的诡计?城市里的各种有意无意的监控网络的渗透,在当下和未来究竟会如何影响我们的生活?
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