From ancient religions, rooted in the depths of the human soul, to the technologies of modern science, I have used images as a means of tracing a form of “universal power” that runs throughout history. The “Ossuaries” series of photographs explores the concepts of ‘control’ and ‘being controlled’ and looks for corresponding symbols of power.
Some of the subjects of these images are ‘dead’ and some are ‘dying’, but the “universal power” that lies behind them is eternal and has been forever etched into the history.
Ossuaries originally are religious spaces where Europe and West-Central Asia people buried their dead throughout the centuries. Though this hall of “Buried Bones”, I have brought together a photographic archive of this “universal power”. In this way, I would like to discuss how pictures can describe non-material objects, and established connections between objects that may appear unrelated. And how do the composition between images, symbolism and commemoration working.
從原始的靈魂深處的古老宗教到現代的高科技。我通過圖像從歷史中找回一種“通用的力量”的痕跡。 “埋骨庫”攝影系列,通過照片探討意識之間的“控制”與“被控制”,找回並聚集力量的符號。

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