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Education (教育背景)
2015 Feb          MFA Photography, 
                  New York Film Academy - Los Angeles, Burbank, CA, USA

2010 Jun          BA Advertising, 
                  Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication(北京印刷學院), Beijing, China
Exhibition and Award (展覽與獲獎)
2018 Jun          The Fence 2018, USA
                  Winner (National)
                  Group Pubilic Exhibitions in multiple cities, Displayed art works:Beholders (series)

2018 Mar 9-12     2018 MIA Photo Fair, Milan, Italy
                  Milan Art & Events Center, Curator: Gaoya Yang, 
                  Group Exhibition, Displayed art works:Beholders (series)

2017 Nov 15-19    2017 Lishui Photography Festival(麗水攝影節), Zhejiang, China
                  Solo Exhibition, Curator: Gaoya Yang, 
                  Displayed art works: Overseers (series)

2017 Sep-Oct      The International Prize of Contemporary Art LYNX 2017, Trieste, Italy
                  Shortlist and Group Exhibition, 
                  Displayed art work: The City View (single)

2017 Sep 19-25    The 17th China Pingyao International Photography Festival(中國平遙國際攝影大展), Shanxi, China
                  Solo Exhibition, 
                  Displayed art works: Panopticon City (series), Overseers (series)

2017 Jun 1-20     Color: The Visual Spectrum, Black Box Gallery, Oregon, USA
                  Shortlist and Group Exhibition, 
                  Displayed art work: Santa Monica (single)

2017 May          Black & White Portfolio Contest 2017 by Black &White magazine, USA
                  Spotlight Award,
                  Art works: The City View (series)

2016 Dec 10-15    “On The Road” Work by Various International Artists(“在路上”國際青年攝影師聯展), Beijing, China
                  Group Exhibition, Curator: Gaoya Yang
                  Displayed art works: The City View (series)

2016 Nov-Dec      2016 The Nanjing International Art Festival(南京國際美術展), Jiangsu, China
                  Group Exhibition, 
                  Displayed art works: The City View (series)

2016 Oct 6-30     2016 The Berlin Foto Biennale, Berlin, German
                  Group Exhibition, 
                  Displayed art work: Untitled (single work from Panopticon City)

2016 Aug          Photographer's Forum magazine, 36th Annual Spring Photography Contest, USA
                  Art works: Overseers (single)
2015 Oct          Second Annual International I-Phonography Competition, 
                  Plymouth Center for the Arts, Massachusetts, USA
                  Finalist and Group Exhibition, 
                  Displayed art works: Earth (single), Family (single)

2015 Sep 19-25    The 15th China Pingyao International Photography Festival(中國平遙國際攝影大展), Shanxi, China
                  Group Exhibition, 
                  Displayed art works: Overseers (series)

2015 Jun         The 7th Edition of the Pollux Awards, The Gala Awards, UK,
                 Art works: Untitled (single work from Panopticon City)

2015 May 1-3     2015 Photo Independent Art Fair, California, USA
                 Photo Book Exhibitor, 
                 Displayed art works: 04012013 07:58 (book)

2015 Jan 15-18   2015 Photo LA, California, USA, 
                 Group Exhibition, 
                 Displayed art works: 04012013 07:58 (series)

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