ISBN: 978-0-9990715-0-2
Accompanied by a documentary-style roaming, four strangers launch an exploratory journey of the city. The scenes observed by the four individuals and things experienced by them are common in our cities and can occur at anytime, and are also the personification of the author’s inner impression of city life. 
The characters take us through the urban landscapes, including skyscrapers, streets full of surveillance, narrow public transportation facilities, shopping malls with mass production of cheap goods, Bauhaus style hotels and apartments, and so on. The thirst for efficiency makes a lot of space become compressed. We live in a huge steel concrete jungle, instead of the function-oriented high-tech residences alleged by the modernist designers. The city is covered with invisible eyes which turn the city into a huge Panopticon. 

I hope that my work will make people think about some pathological features of the city. The city has given us opportunity, efficiency and technology, but have we lost as much? If the wheels of the era must move forward, our future is bright, but in my opinion, we still need to cherish what we have lost for what we have gained.
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