In the "Eleven Objects" project, I stripped eleven objects from the environment, and the background was painted with a solid color. Therefore, they became some kind of semi-symbol images. These objects were discovered within 48 hours after I met with Xiaba— a small village near Chongqing, China. I output these images on sheets of material that wraps around and floats on a roof with a single, narrow entrance. They had become my secrets of memory and subconsciousness.
在《十個物體》這組作品中,我將十個物體從環境中分離,背景塗以純色,形成半符號半實物的圖像。這些物體出自我與夏壩相遇後的48小時。我 把這些圖像輸出到板材上,周圍並漂浮於一個單一單一且細長的出入口的天台之上。它們在此之後成為記憶和潛意識中的私藏。

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